Focus Film Theater nominated Heuvelink Award Arnhem

The Focus Film Theater in Arnhem has been nominated for the Heuvelink Award. This is the biennial Arnhem architecture award for the best new building, organized by the CASA architecture center. CASA awards both a jury and a public award.
This year's jury consists of Jan Nauta, Jeroen van Schooten and Philomene van der Vliet and for the public award can be voted until September 17. On the CASA website you can also see the video in which all seven nominated architects explain their building.

The Focus Film Theater was opened in 2018 and is an important new cultural place for young and old in the old center of Arnhem. Characteristic of the building is the new Torensteeg, which bisects the building in two and guarantees a view of the Uesebiuskerk. Read more about the architectural design on the project page.