Wooden circular EnergyHotel Ede

DP6 is designing the 15-storey Energy-Hotel in Ede. This exceptionally sustainable project will be constructed largely from pre-fabricated wooden modules, known as Wood-Core Modules: one module for a single room, two together for a long-stay apartment, and more open modules for the corner elements. The walls of the modules are not load-bearing, meaning that they can be joined together to create larger spaces. The building’s core will also be chiefly built up from wooden modules. Only the main structural framework will be steel. The wooden modules are hung within this frame, as it were. The load-bearing columns are integrated into the façades of the modules, forming a fully-functional column when placed one on top of the other. The modules can be stacked up to 80m high.

The wooden modules will be produced offsite in the workshop. This has many advantages: on-site building time is greatly reduced – by as much as 50% – which limits both local inconvenience and fossil-fuel consumption. The construction technique is safer, less weather-dependent, and reduces costs due to waste and error. Another important advantage is the circularity of the hotel: wood is a renewable material that also acts as a carbon depository, instead of emission. Moreover, due to its modular construction, the hotel can be completely disassembled and reused.

The Energy-Hotel is a commission from the Noordereng Groep, who were also responsible for the development of the CineMec cinema (now Pathé) integrated into the sound barrier along the A12 in Ede.