Three schools designed by DP6 in Schooldomein inspiration book

This week the Dutch magazine Schooldomein launched a book with an extensive overview of new Dutch buildings. Samenwerken aan de school van morgen: Het inspiratieboek 2015-2020 (Working together on the schools of tomorrow: The inspiration book 2015-2020). Editor-in-chief Sibo Arbeek has been looking for "meaningful environments" for which he used five criteria. Projects that: connect, make innovation visible, are adaptive in use, facilitate collaboration and illustrate the development towards sustainable and (almost) energy neutral buildings. The result is 400 pages of inspiration for future clients.
We are proud that three of our secondary schools have been included in the inspiration book: De Melanchthon Business School, Het Krimpenerwaard College and Christelijk Lyceum Zandvliet. The three articles can be downloaded via this link. Order the book and view all inspiring schools in the Netherlands here: Collaborate on the schools of tomorrow (in Dutch only)