The Natural Pavilion wins Dezeen Award public vote sustainable building

On behalve of DP6 Alexander Krösbacher received the Dezeen Award public vote award in the sustainable building category in London, which we won with The Natural Pavilion. He did this together with developer Gerben Kuipers of the Noordereng Group.
Courage, expertise, and perseverance from the consortium partners formed the basis for the circular, bio-based Floriade pavilion that was realised within nine months. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all parties involved with the Dezeen award, including: Floriade Expo 2022, Noordereng Groep, Oosterhoff , Harrie Hupperts, Heko Spanten Ede B.V. , Nico Wissing, Lomans, NL Greenlabel, Hedgehog Company, De Groene Jongens, Ferross Staalbouw, Solar Sedum B.V., Staatsbosbeheer, TNO, Woningbouwatelier, Next Nature Network.

 Alexander en Gerben