Focus Film Theatre

The new Focus Film Theatre is situated next to the prominent Eusebius Church, an important Arnhem landmark that not only is a prime example of late-gothic church architecture, but also stands as a symbol of the post-WWII reconstruction effort.

Before the Second World War, the area around the Eusebius Church was built up, and a narrow street, the Torensteeg, ran where the new Focus building will rise. Our design reintroduces the historic Torensteeg as a leading element in the new building, preserving the view on the Eusebius Church and leaving the steeple in full view even from street level in the Kerkplein square. Within the building itself, the view of the tower also plays a major role, as the glass roof ensures that it remains in constant view from the main public staircase that leads up to the theatres.

The main public areas feature a high transparent plinth that affords a view of the café and public spaces inside. The facade uses typical elements as found in the town centre of Arnhem, such as high shop windows and brickwork patterns. The details of the building will receive a lot of attention. The brickwork facades will be richly detailed to radiate traditional skills and classical quality.
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New movie theatre with 5 screens, grand cafe and open air cinema



Gemeente Arnhem, Arnhem

Audrey Hepburnplein, Arnhem

ABT, Velp | Stevens Van Dijck, Amersfoort | HI-Plus Advies, Rotterdam | Buro Poelmans Reesink, Arnhem | Theateradvies, Amsterdam | Piqture Audiovisual Architects, Arnhem

2600 sqm

BINX Smartility, Groenlo

Winner Heuvellinkprijs 2020 (Public award)

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