Malieklos wins Rotterdam Architecture Award 2022

Malieklos wins the jury prize of the Rotterdam Architecture Award 2022. The jury, chaired by professor of architectural theory Lara Schrijver, sees indisputable proof in Malieklos that the limited budgets associated with social housing need not be an obstacle to the realization of high-quality architecture. She is impressed by the craftsmanship that is reflected in the special details in this project, such as the trimmed window nudes and the Brazilian masonry. ‘Here, Rotterdam shows that it is looking further afield and that it pays attention to an integrated city with space and possibilities for everyone. Generous and optimistic social housing that radiates quality on all fronts. This is how it should be!' Kirsten Hannema writes in the Volkskrant 'with this winner the jury is making a statement: what the city really needs are not icons, but good, affordable houses.'