Realistic solutions to sustainability challenges

One of today’s major aspects to be taken into consideration, sustainability demands integrated solutions from architects everywhere. DP6 operates at the cutting edge of sustainable architecture, and our own interests as well as our social involvement drive us to search for realistic solutions to sustainability requirements in all our projects. We use an innovative approach to realise this ambition, in terms of material and energy use as much as in terms of service live, flexibility and comfort. We think it is important to create distinctive buildings to which people can get attached and which offer them a comfortable environment. This is what we think sustainability is all about. In our vision a building is sustainable only if it carefully embedded in its surroundings and if its users enjoy its interior climate. Our method is based on a building’s life cycle to integrate sustainability, flexibility, investment and running costs into the decisions that determine the final design.

When we design sustainable buildings, architectural concepts come first and technical solutions second. We look for the most logical main structure, layout, and choice of materials. A compact building block with low transmission losses through its facades and roof makes a good start for a low-energy building. We use daylight and orientation to guide us in composing the building. Maximising the daylight levels in the interior while at the same time minimising the thermal load from solar input can help save a lot of energy, making a building more economical to run as well as more sustainable. We strive to maximise the use of removable mono materials (C2C), reused and/or reusable materials, and low-maintenance materials. Our philosophy is that natural and nicely weathered materials add to the character of a building and improve its environment.



Our architectural concepts are complemented by the use of technical systems to support  sustainable low-energy solutions, including underground thermal energy storage, activated concrete cores, heat recovery and ventilation on demand. Whenever possible, we like to keep a building energy-neutral by producing local energy, for example by means of  PV panels.

We have ample experience in a number of methods to monitor and control sustainable construction by means of e.g. GPR Building, Breeam, Greencalc+ and LEED.